Eco-Interactive Spaces in Bangalore

IMG_20160802_130707After a long green drive to Earth Kitchen I was greeted with rich green foliage, beautiful flowers and catchy sign boards at the entrance with a few curious looking cows. Located on a sprawling green space of 6 acres Earth Kitchen is an interactive homey Mediterranean bistro that proudly uses farmhouse grown herbs and spices to infuse flavour in food and conversation. The ambience gives an immediate feeling of peace and contentment making anyone fall in love and fulfil that much-needed green getaway!

Started byIMG_20160802_130033.jpg Arati Venkat who loves Mediterranean cuisine who happily mentions, “It is great to see kids putting away their video, phone electronic gadgets and start exploring the area, actually playing with the earth, touching trees and plants and asking all sorts of questions. Many of them for the first time”. Taking a walk around, Arati grows spices like turmeric, root plants turmeric, garlic chives, ginger all behind her farmhouse. “The taste is completely different when you grow what you cook, it is much stronger, tastier and full of flavour”, she exclaims! Passion fruit, avocado, mangoes, bananas are some fruit trees and strawberry picking in the month of October! A huge rosemary bush gets harvested regularly for marinades and bread, also grown is thyme, spearmint, lemongrass.


The Courtyard House another green-bent space which belongs to Diva Ganeriwal, “It’s a farmhouse and a great way for people to unwind, relax and explore sustainable and green activities”. Situated just off Sarjapur the eco-space has stone-slabs ,  fruit trees litchi, mango and starfruit, wild mushrooms growing from the earth and rainwater harvesting at the back. The interior space is lined with hanging creepers on an overhead structure like a courtyard, true to its name. Completely cut off from city noise and pollution we can imagine the bliss of waking up to green mornings and a recharge for residents staying around. They are giving out their space to interested parties for events, workshops, get-togethers etc.IMG_20160804_124550.jpg

The Green Path Organic State is becoming a well-known interactive and awareness space for conferences, informal meetings, organic shopping and millet based cuisine. Situated right opposite the mantra mall metro station, this is every bit the sustainable space with upcycled wooden interiors, rainwater harvesting facility, recycling practices, an organic terrace garden, composting and a farm-to-fork kitchen where all the food comes from their organic farm . “We are nearly zero-waste and believe in healthy, naturally grown food. Most of the food we eat can be easily replaced with traditional millets and grains”, says Jayaram farmer and foundIMG_20160804_124358.jpger. The story of food is shared vividly along with various events, activities and farm visits promoted regularly.


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