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As we venture into positive possibilities of waste, growing greens from compost, giving dry waste responsibly etc green gets more exciting. This Earth Day we give you ways in cutting down, keeping it up and lifting knowledge with tips on going waste-less, growing-more and taking those green steps.

Turning wet waste to compost in 5 easy steps!

Your wet waste constitutes 60-65% generated everyday and can get converted in black manure or as some of us like calling it ‘Black Gold’. Here are 4 steps to successfully turn your kitchen kacchra into something amazing.
download (2)     Courtesy flickr     compost for your garden

  1. Take an earthen terracotta pot or a big plastic drum make sure you have holes all over for sufficient air supply
  2. Using bio-cocopeat, put one layer into the bucket
  3. Add one layer of kitchen waste on top
  4. If you have excess use equal quantities till its all in
  5. Shut the lid and give it a stir once in 2-3 days
  6. Once the lid gets full, keep it closed and in 4-5 weeks your entire waste turns into moist, earthy smelling compost. Spread it in your garden, plants or in your park.

Vendors for buying waste composters – Daily Dump, Sudh Lab, Being Eco, Smart Bin, Eco Bin. If you want to DIY get the biopeat online. More details on various composting methods.

Give your Dry Waste a makeover it needs!


Dry waste typically consists of 30% of waste from home. Packets, covers can be given away to dry waste collectors. Better still, you can convert certain materials into fun and innovative decor at the house or office.

  1. Coconut shells, plastic bottles – Turn these into gardening holders and have some green at home, it looks great with some paint added (remember to poke holes at the bottom)
  2. Toilet rolls – Arts and crafts can be used here, they make the ideal cutlery or stationery holders
  3.  Glass bottles and mason jars – Look great as light decor, you can make these into table lamps or cut them in half or hand them from your ceiling
  4. All those plastic/ cotton like-packets still pilled up at home – However much we reduce and cut down those stray packets always pop up. Keep them for your shoes or a spare laundry when you travel. However, switching to cloth is best advised.
  5. Sustainable fashion – Turn your tetra paks into wallets, bags and fashion accessories, DIY a tetra pak into wallet

Upcycling experts in the city – Up-PSYcled, Reimagined (online market place),

Reduce your Reject waste

download (2)

Reject and Sanitary waste is critical to cut down, especially when solutions have not reached cities. We can even go further and cut down on that 10% with eco-friendly alternatives below.

  1. Sustainable Menstruation –  Switch to cloth pads and she-cups. Super comfi, sustainable and reusable period become a non-hassle every month. Get doubts, queries and explanations answered here.
  2. Sustainable Diapers – Diapers are non-recyclable just like sanitary pads, poisonous and enter resources like        underground water through landfills and poison our water. Switch to eco-friendly diapers made with cloth.

Solutions for sanitary wear – Eco Femme, Bumberry, Coconess (for babies)

We hope you found these tips for Earth Day super useful! Get in touch with us on for eco-experiences and going earthy in the city.

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