Having a Drink, Sustainably


It was a great feeling to see sustainable living becoming a living, breathing conversation platform in the city a few weeks ago.The first of its kind in the country ‘Sustainability Drinks‘ with beginnings in Australia, brings like-minded individuals together to share stories, network and collaborate creating opportunities for passionate individuals in the field.  This platform encourages dialogue, conversation of creating a better world; a get together for folks from sustainable and organic field.  Organised and spearheaded by EcoFolk for the first time in the country in Bangalore, the day saw 200 people showing up at The Humming Tree listening to sustainable movements by individuals, with a drink in hand of course.


EcoFolk is a organisational movement that works to create conscious consumption that makes individuals re-look and cut down through reuse and recycle. Their vision is to empower consumers to drive a sustainable economy that stands for people, profit and planet and spend time on the field conducting focus group discussions, interviews, workshops to understand to create a community and an ecosystem around conscious consumers and responsible businesses. Their insights from research in the city suggest that the Indian consumer market is ready to embrace conscious consumerism and there is a general curiosity about how products are made and what are some of the better alternatives to existing options.

The excitement in the air all evening was the topic of sustainable living coming into the spotlight. Floating networking conversations amongst experts, solutions, products by start-ups, entrepreneurs, students and people in the alternative space was seen and heard. Macxperts spoke about the vertical vegetable gardening solutions they create which comes with ease, available technology and advantage of sourcing fresh and delicious vegetables right at home in a small space. Tech + environment = sustainability understood in Bangalore ; Hits the right spot, doesn’t it?

A Green Venture spoke and presented work done in sustainable living through eco-experiences, curated all-day events and alternatives available today on better and organic living and how it all began with a research paper that led to the discovery of a sustainable-bent mind.

A reminder that sustainable living is past the dialogue stage and transitioning into action and on-ground. There is something big on its way in namma Bangalore with sustainability conversation the buzz.



Write to us on a.green.venture101@gmail.com with your queries on eco-experiences in Bangalore.

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