Greener Days in Bangalore

Bangalore has some amazing things going on which has 2016 looking bright and sunny. As we move into times of increased levels of stress, pollution woes and rising problems which affects health and environment, greener weekends have started sprouting in the city offering city folks alternative options.


Conversations on organic, meeting the experts and farmers was held at The Green Path Organic State Mall in January where leading city farmers Vishwanath Narayan, Vani Murthy and Dr. Narayana Reddy discussed  topics like composting, starting organic gardening, understanding various benefits that individuals get in growing food, quality of life, health, community building and more.Karnataka Weekend Agriculturist shows the sustainable link between people, natural environment that improves lives health-wise, psychologically and economically was explained. With a growing demand in home and kitchen gardening, more and more people turning to veggie growing, discovering greener weekends with local farmers and getting closer to natural and organic farmers and farmers across the state. “Today I am 80 years old I have no health issues,said Dr. Narayana Reddy who stood for over 2 hours explaining why its imperative for city folks to turn to organic farming for better living.

The ban on plastic and campaigns across the city is taking citizens by storm and and there is a sense of pride and accomplishment among dedicated citizen volunteers groups from areas like Bellandur, HSR layout, Koramangala and recently in Shanthinagar and Basvanagudi. “Some of us were working completely alone a few months ago, now with committed teams who give their time and dedication every morning, this is like a dream come true” said Shanthi Tirumala one of the key people behind waste segregation in the city. With hope, trust and hard work it was only a matter of time that residents, shops, institutions are realising the issue of garbage and acting upon it together with the government.

Another awareness and gardening based show common in the city and just went by was ‘Oota from your Thota‘ which means Food from your Garden held its 16th edition in central Bangalore extending gardening and composting solutions to audiences. We saw some great microgreens, veggies on display and sample, vertical gardening experts, landscape gardeners, all your gardening requirements, composting methods etc showing the extent to which gardening has gone and the levels in awareness with folks across the city. “One city folks realise that waste can be turned into garden which tuns into food, it is a resource for them. All you have to do, is start”, said an expert from Malleshwaram.

A Green Venture showcases eco products, experts and learnings from the organic living world, closing gaps between real experiences and city folks, bringing you actual, do-able solutions to household and community levels and improving lifestyles for urbanites and outdoor experiences.

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