The Launch of “A Green Blast”

Launching my own green venture to crowds, ‘A Green Blast’ was a space where diverse topics could be discussed with an objective of sustainable living relevance in everyone’s lives. The common sense of present and long-term planning, better lifestyle choices, matters in health, education and finance along with easy environ DIY initiatives at home, infusing fresh ideas and conversation tips were the main focus on this open air September Sunday.

Electronics Citys Industrial Association (ELCIA) on managing waste wisely
N.S. Ramakanth and Archana (2bins1bag) views on the value of waste

An all-day event put together with the help and support of active residents from ecity, the awareness and advantages of eco-living were the focus and we spread our wings to cover folks in Bangalore for the green cause. Taking place in a public space close to residential buildings the green day saw product experts, activities, workshops, great food for Bangalore crowds. From storytelling, kitchen gardening, upcycling architects and arts and crafts, candle-making in the eco-space, younger children were seen using skateboards, hula hoops from Decathlon India, experts spoke on waste management, product makers ranged from organic food, skin care and natural livinggardening and seeds, waste management talk by N.S. Ramakant, natural cotton, handmade fashion products and jewellery, sustainability household solutions, s and more! E-waste experts made their presence with an installation as well.

Upcycling architecture demo’s

Today’s education and financial planning is probably two of the most important aspects we pay attention to the most. For bringing in the next generation of individuals with a sound future education for children by Redbridge International Academy and finance for older working professionals By International Money Matters.

The product range of homespun and natural is exploding is Bangalore, there are some diverse experts out there who equally believe in the growing eco-space, looking at integrating their ideas, thoughts and conversations in a cohesive manner.

Lots to do and many more areas to explore, it is just a matter of looking out. I believe Sustainable-Living is the next big growing space today and will be posting more ideas, lessons going forward and focusing on the eco-learning space in the coming weeks.


Tell us your views and what you think! Write to and let us know your feedback.


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