Why Cycling is a great experience

Something I always told myself that one day will happen. And sticking to my word on a bright Sunday morning when the city was its quietest I hauled myself out of bed, got ready and headed to Cubbon park.

Jumping on a bike and riding into the roads of Bangalore, I asked myself with a thumping heart can I really do this? What if I fall off, or worse some crackpot driver crashes into me? Once I started pedaling, leaving the starting point behind my fears started leaving as well and I had this whole group around so you tend to feel more secure you know ;

As I got the curious expressions of guys and gals behind their wheels, I got this feeling of yipee and awesomeness coming over (Such a feel coming over meeeee!) Someone rode along and explained the various gears. Despite all my rambling questions on what, where, how, who between joy and a state of hypertension I started figuring out it out slowly. For Uphill you need to decrease the gear numver so its easier to pull, downhill – duh ) Someone else readjusted the bike seat for me. I always say this Bangaloreans = awesome people.

Passing old airport road, I told myself If I can come till here then I can cycle to work everyday think of the monies saved on gas! This is on the cards and wishful thinking at that moment.

Now came the hard part, with getting barely any exercise (except for gardening on weekends) I could literally hear my muscles protesting. Definitely could not feel the bums or thighs. Red faced and sweaty I kept on pedaling with the group huffing and puffing of course.

So it took me 1 hours 30 minutes to reach the end, out of breath, exhausted, legs feeling like jelly, dreaming of a big plate of biryani and bed I reached my destination and my goal. And now I did feel the bums and thighs. So totally worth it.

Hoping to get inspired with this. Who knows now, a new found hobby just mayybe ?

Proof of the pudding is in the taste

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