4 Ways To Start Green At Home

As a person who tries to switch to more and more to organic and healthier living choices, these are a simple ways you can start off

1. Switch to cloth bags – Reduces plastic getting piled up at home, rewashing is a piece of cake and you encourage the shopkeeper and other customers to switch as well! I love the ones from Clean Planet check them out you get some really trendy ones.

My garden which has tomato, capsicum, chillies and basil

2. Grow some green and veggies at home, even indoor plants like aloe vera and snake plant keep the air well purified and clear chemicals like formaldehyde and benzene. Grow veggies like tomato and chillies in pots and grow bags.  Organic Garten is great for seeds, Smart Gardens in Bangalore can set up gardens for busy bees out there

Cucumber in a grow bag

3. Segregate, recycle and compost – Take that extra 15 minutes in the day and segregate your dry and wet waste get dry waste picked up by recycling centres. Compost your kitchen peels and greens in a large pot or kambha. Easy peasy once you start. For segregation get started with 2bins1bag with comes with a complete instruction manual.

4. Switch to eco-friendly non toxic washing powders, detergents, floor cleaners wash and clean with an awesome aroma and its all chemical free! Ever put your nose into your detergent powder box?   Harmful and toxic chemicals are added to powders so your wearables look pristine and shiny. Notice after a few washes they start looking faded and out shape? Try out these eco-friendly options and make the switch, The shelf life of your clothes improves dramatically.

More coming up soon, hope these tips help! 

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