Life takes a happy turn

Its been a hectic few months, with getting married and moving home. 3 months later, me and Govind are finally settling into our new lives and lifestyle. After quite a few post party scenes and an amazing barbeque party the house is getting used to us and my front yard look nothing like its green lush self a week back!

No matter, I hope to have some lovely creepers and climbers growing very soon with pots of veggies and who know’s even a coconut tree if I can manage and turn my front lawn into a green haven for the early morning yoga (always hoping to exercise!)

Moving home especially when you have a partner takes a lot more work than just finding an apartment and running along to malls and filling it up with the basics. It dawned on me (despite working in the sustainability field) this time around that second hand furniture is the most economical and sensible decision especially when its two professionals setting up home for the first time! Thank you Olx for the fabulous deals 🙂

Now its time for some DIY activities and composting time at the house, lets hope for the best!

My front lawn
Me and Gov

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