Celebrating the Growth of Organic Goodness

The Bhoomi Utsav programme held in Bangalore

Bhoomi College held its first Bhoomi Utsav this October celebrating sustainability, organic food & health, education and awareness on social activities in Bangalore. The world of sustainability and going green is emerging into a profit making enterprise which has picked up lot of steam over the last 1-2 years. Being brand conscious in the organic world is emerging as a trend and people can be seen visiting their favourite stalls showing brand and product loyalty.

A Hundred Hands – NIMHANS initiative

Writing about kitchen gardening and urban farmers in Bangalore gives me a feeling of the green good that is being done out there and having started my own terrace garden made me realise how natural it is to have one. An expert told me sometime ago, “We take away green to build homes and buildings so it only makes sense to give back by growing it on and around our terraces. We come to realise how much we benefit”. All these years of seeing my mother getting indoor plants in the house and growing ornamental flowers, it never quite hit me back then.  

After speaking to many people who love their gardens, have hectic lifestyles and observe the positive benefits of gardening – It is indeed therapeutic and popularly defined as  ‘stress-buster, patience, calming and happy”. Being an impatient  person myself gardening is a great way of spending time with the environment, we pay more attention to the weather, check on our plants and veggies and start observing the butterflies and squirrels that come visiting.

Zentangle – A meditative art form

I also read recently about the Organic Revolution coming to the city in November this year – Biofach – An International Organic Trade Fair which brings together everyone from organic fields – farmers, investors, experts, business and over 35 speakers addressing the forum. Farmers and buyers will have an opportunity to meet and interact directly this year will see buyers fro overseas. The farm2fork concept will be re-emphasized at the forum which I am looking forward to hear at various educational activities and events planned on the 14th and 15th of November at Palace Ground in the namma Bangalore.

The world of organic, heirloom seeds and bringing back what was always ours which got lost but making its way back into our minds are opportunities and opening the world of understanding the harmonious balance between the environment and ourselves. Even an  online organic information directory  presents education and understanding of the need for organic consumerism for enthusiast’s like me.

Looking forward to hearing, learning more of the green world.  

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