Take on Life

Post composting and gardening life is a lot greener than before. I harvest basil, mint and beans on a regular basis and await a tomato to be plucked from my terrace garden. Composting turned out to be a lot more tedious than I thought but once I started I just could not stop. You see garbage turning into black compost in no time at all and with the help of some de’grade compost and dry leaves the process is a lot faster. Nature makes you learn how everything goes back to the soil and with a little push from our end pollution and waste is generated into far richer elements.

On another topic in a city like Bangalore, different things taking place everywhere. People are becoming more and more accepted in the city and more willing to open their eyes to reality. Coming from a family that has been slightly ahead of the times and encouraged me to pursue what I want not not of what is expected you realise how different your upbringing can be to people around. With most Indians society dictates what they should do and stay within the realm of things taking most command of the situation which is unrealistic and unnecessary not to mention intrusive. Society fails to understand that change is constant and keeping up with this can be a challenge yet a success if they want the people they love within to succeed.

Whether it is accepting a person’s choice to marry someone they love outside the community or pursuing higher studies in a foreign land or even premarital sex all three are common habits observed with the present generation. The last 20-30 years has seen so much change in its time that the last 100 years before covered in the same amount. This of course allowed societies to take their time and move ahead in a trickle. With the progress of technology, information and various external influences today the present generation can always be in a fast-forward mode but what about those who pause every now and then?

The most probably answer that I can think of is effective and persuasive communication which can help in many ways. Support systems in forms of people and most of all trust with one another. Honesty may never be the best policy to go forward hey this is the real world, but trust we must if we are to be together. 

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