Fossil Fool

You are a fossil fool

Taking on all earth’s fuel

Eating up our planet in and out

Leaving too much about

Ever wondered what will happen when there is nothing else?

Ever wondered when there will be nothing left?

Just famine hunger and pain

Millions live in poverty, millions more live near the sea

The poor are worst hit, you will see

When temperatures rise and trees fall

When water levels rise, there will be no food at all

Then you will see

You are a fossil fool

Learn from the past

Learn from the future

Reality is that you can’t afford to be fooled for long

Use the sun, wind, water that Gaia has given us

And renew once more

Do not forget that there is still hope and life

We are more than 6 billion in number today

By working as one things can be turned around

Let us be united as one

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