The never ending saga

Hello and welcome to one and all to my very first blog. May I introduce myself, I am Kavya Chandra currently residing in Bangalore and have ever since for the past 22 years. Currently working for a little over a year now, and as any young person looking and learning for new experiences and new horizons to discover.
So, the never ending saga. I picked this title as my first topic because in truth all of us live a never ending saga in reality. From your everyday life, your day to day life or even at those times you feel its coming back once more and your doing the same things again and again. Be it waking up in the morning and saying to yourself “Is this what I want to doing for the rest of my life”, or a shopoholic telling herself “Thats the last retail therapy for this month” , or that partygoer promising “I will not drink and drive anymore”.
As a Banglorean, I think a lot of us are Bangalored or lets just say “plain bored”. Am I being negative? But its true, especially when you live in this city for very long. So once in a way its good to get out, see the world a little, inhale some experiences good or bad in the end its the learning thats counts, grow wiser and smarter and get back.
I think all people love the never ending saga, knowing that even if they dislike what they do, the fruits that are borne at the end are completely worth it, but tasting the fruit is nothing compared to testing the waters. With tasting you will always get a sense of satisfaction a sense of contentment, but testing can shoot all kinds of emotions through you leaving you high and low and being able to live through all of it. But here’s a small twist imagine testing as the never ending saga, you may love it you may hate it but whether its a person who loves tasting and wants it at the end no matter what it takes or the tester who has the guts.. its all a never ending saga.

Kavya Chandra

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